The DHManifesto_Bot interjects political thought prefigurative of, developed for, and associated with the digital humanities in the Twittersphere. It reproduces content archived at in its feed as it was authored (with the inclusion of custom hashtags), attributing the work to those who authored it.

The bot represents two parallel concerns where digital humanities method and politics coincide:

  1. The bot is an agonistic expression of the digital humanities histories, methodologies, and political force. It is a means of articulating ideas that might be at odds with each other, endemic to the discipline, without imposing any need to resolve its contradictions.
  2. The bot extends the discursive hospitality endemic to the manifesto genre, broadening the horizon of the "we" that is invoked by the authors of each manifesto that is reproduced.

It should be noted that the formation of a "we" performed by a given manifesto is not indiscriminately given. It is a form of hospitality formed at a partisan divide, perhaps contradictorily so, but one that the genre consistently offers and provokes.

Our bot in action:

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