This section features original interviews with scholars and authors concerning the relevance and use of the manifesto genre in digital contexts. Interviews are hosted by both Matt Applegate and Izzy To.


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Interview with Geert Lovink -- The ABC of Tactical Media & Workspace Manifesto

Matt Applegate & Izzy To interview Geert Lovink about his coauthored "ABC of Tactical Media" & "Workspace Manifesto," the manifesto genre, and authorship. Tactical Media, Geert Lovink, The ABC of Tactical Media, The Workspace Manifesto, Digital Manifesto

Interview with Professor McKenzie Wark - A Hacker Manifesto

Matt Applegate & Izzy To interview McKenzie Wark, Professor of Media and Culture @ the New School, about his "Hacker Manifesto," the manifesto genre, and the struggle to liberate information. Hacking, McKenzie Wark, A Hacker Manifesto

Interview with Rosa Menkman - Glitch Studies Manifesto

Matt Applegate & Izzy To interview Rosa Menkman about her "Glitch Studies Manifesto," digital aesthetics, and the politics of digital life. Glitch Art, Rosa Menkman, Glitch Studies

Interview with Dr. Yuk Hui - The Archivist Manifesto

Matt Applegate & Izzy To interview Dr. Yuk Hui, Postdoctoral Reseacher at the Centre for Digital Cultures, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, about his "Archivist Manifesto," digital archives, and digital objects. Digital Archives, Yuk Hui, Archivist Manifesto

Interview: Jeffrey Schnapp, Professor of Romance Languages & Literatures @ Harvard University, Co-Director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society

Matt Applegate and Izzy To interview Professor Jeffrey Schnapp about his coauthored "Digital Humanities Manifesto," the Digital Humanities, and collaborative academic projects. The Digital Humanities