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Internet Access, Use, & Big Data

This collection documents historical and ongoing interventions against Internet repression and foreclosure for economic gain. PIPA refers to the Protect IP Act, first introduced on May 12th, 2011. SOPA refers to the Stop Online Piracy Act, introduced on October 26th, 2011. Both acts aimed to allow the US government to expand its ability to identify and prosecute copyright infringement. Net Neut... Matt Applegate Izzy To

Digital Composition

Digital composition refers to both the integration of multiple media platforms into a communicable product and the syntax of the writing produced by and composed in digital platforms. The manifestos in this collection therefore describe a broad range of digital technologies and their compositional elements. Matt Applegate Izzy To

Crypto Anarchy, Hacking, & Digital Communism

This collection documents the formation of the hacker ethos, open access movement, and deregulation of digital information through the manifesto genre. These manifestos largely describe and define the values that hackers and digital communists strive to create and maintain, i.e. copy-left, decentralized Internet relations, anonymity, etc., rather than teach hacking skills or attempt to implemen... Matt Applegate Izzy To

Digital Anthropology, Media Archaeology, & Media Ecology

The Digital Anthropology and Media Archaeology collection documents manifestos that call for innovation in digital archiving practices, political interventions in archiving new and old media, and new conceptual categories for thinking the function of old media in new contexts. As these archiving practices and conceptual categories are still emerging in the contemporary moment, these manifestos ... Matt Applegate Izzy To

Digital Aesthetics

Digital aesthetics defines a disparate and extremely broad set of aesthetic practices. The defining feature of the manifestos archived in this category is that the art practices they describe are created with and by digital technologies, and are most often showcased online. Matt Applegate Izzy To

Digital Architecture & Design

Digital architecture and design refers to at least two interrelated features of architectural production. First, manifestos in this collection describe architectural practices that use digital technologies to produce a final product (physical or non-physical). Second, manifestos in this collection refer to the creation and design of virtual worlds. More generally, manifestos in this collection ... Matt Applegate Izzy To


This section features original interviews with scholars and authors concerning the relevance and use of the manifesto genre in digital contexts. Interviews are hosted by both Matt Applegate and Izzy To. Matt Applegate Izzy To


This collection archives manifestos that are either formative or descriptive of cyberpunk culture. Matt Applegate Izzy To

Digital Diasporas

This collection documents manifestos that are concerned with communal production online. These manifestos focus on communities that oppose and are often excluded from discourse on representation, rights, and freedom on the Internet. Many of the manifestos documented in this collection also rethink and remap the Internet, imagining alternative modes of relation mediated by digital technologies. Matt Applegate Izzy To

Digital Sound

This collection features manifestos that account for digital innovation in music as well as the politics of producing music mediated by digital technologies. Manifestos in this category also address equally important concerns for piracy and remuneration for artistic products. Izzy To Matt Applegate

Digital Feminisms

This collection documents the manifestos written by feminist authors and collectives for whom the Internet is their primary site of thought and action. Where feminist manifestos can be found throughout the collections featured in the Digital Manifesto Archive, this collection focuses on manifestos that theorize the explicit relation of feminism to digital culture or use digital technology as a ... Matt Applegate Izzy To

Critical Making

This collection aggregates manifestos concerned with making as a subpractice of the digital humanities. Matt Applegate

Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities is still an emerging area of scholarship that emphasizes the use and development of digital tools as well as the publication and analysis of multimedia. This collection features manifestos that attempt to give definition to and delineate possible routes for the digital humanities to develop. Matt Applegate Izzy To