Art Manifesto
I was inspired by some of those manifestos of other artists and thought I might give it a try.

Art Manifesto

1. Art is a language, it must be written in words. The reason there are no more art movements is because there are no more languages. Post Modernism destroyed them all.

Languages are born out of pattern, recognition, reproduction, and memory.

Without memory we can never improve, change, evolve, grow, or sustain what we value.

2. Time is a natural resource. It is an artist’s air. We sell our air just to survive and then everybody wonders why all the artists are holding their breath.

3. Art is freedom. It needs freedom like plants need water and sunlight. It can exist with less freedom as a deformed and stunted plant continues to exist.

4. Freedom lives in two dimensions; one in the real world, and the other in our minds. One is the unlocking of a gate, and the other is knowing the gate is unlocked.

5. Most of the world’s greatest masterpieces were never created. They fail to escape the mind who first conceives them.

6. Civilization can survive without Art, it has and still does in many places. It isn’t society but the soul that falls apart without it.

7. Art can and does serve the wealthy and powerful. Only we decide when it deserves better.

8. A true Artist is open minded to everything, he listens then interprets accordingly.

9. There is such a thing as bad art, it is exists in the absence of thought, inspiration, imagination and vision. Good Artists are aware of these forces, great Artists possess them, and masters weald them.

Good art touches something that others try to access through it. It is the marriage of the intellect and the emotions.

10. An Artist must farm their imagination to strengthen their creativity. One can gain or lose creative power depending on one’s habits.

11. A strong imagination is limitless, it feels like an ocean of possibilities. The artist’s conception is the wind that carves and molds these troubled water.

12. An artist’s tools disappear every time he steps into a new media. We begin using them without knowing how they work let alone that they exist. With every new creation the tools become a little clearer. With every new media, our old tools change.

13. an Artist knows when art is being truthful. Unauthentic art exudes a lofting, almost undetected- funny smell.

14. Living in constant inspiration is the goal of any Artist lucky enough to have experienced it before.

15. Artists cannot fit into social conventions- when they do, they cease being Artists. This transition is reversible.

16. A true Artist is not economical, he pours into his work every detail he hopes others will pull out of it. There are no short cuts to a master piece.

17. obfuscation is not a style. It fills the white space within a young Artist’s work, and helps distract the teacher from seeing these empty spaces.

18. Artists don’t see what exists, we bring what doesn’t yet exist… into this world.


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In his "Art Manifesto," Drew Wilson declares that art is a virtual enterprise. While he is concerned with art in general rather than digital art, Wilson develops a concept of artistic production that moves from the intangible to the tangible, and valorizes experimentation.


Drew Wilson






May 17, 2009




Digital Aesthetics


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