Pirates of the Internet, unite!

Excerpt from a newspaper of the future: "A man was checked yesterday at the Franco-Italian border. The inspection of his computer revealed that it harbored pirated products, mainly Adobe software and music of the Beatles. The man was arrested on the spot. "

Whether it's a poem or a drug, or a software disk, a film or a book, anything that is popular and profitable should the majority of its value economic handling of crowds. No one asked to get a Coca-Cola logo, or to know the chorus of "Like a Virgin". Education, Media and Propaganda we are swallowed by force, hammering at will or by speculating on our thirst, our hunger, our need for communication and entertainment, and above all our loneliness and our malaise. In the age of Internet, which can be copied can be shared. In terms of content, one can distribute, to everyone at the same time.

In light of this finding, a new class emerges. It is not a working class but a class of producers. In essence, these producers are pirates and hackers; they reuse the images, sounds, and ideas of the world. They create some, but mostly they borrow from others.

The information is now part of our body, it is literally "installed" in our brain, and we can not delete on request. That is why we have the right to possess the information we projected, we are right to be masters of ourselves! Because we live in globalized societies built on inequality and profit, because the content of a song, a movie or a book are assets in a struggle to survive without thank you, every citizen has the moral right to take a digital copy of a work whatsoever. Because IT is an international language, the secrets of the world are nowadays written in Adobe and Microsoft, it is legitimate to the hacker. Finally, because poverty is the experimental field of pharmaceutical industry, medicine should be free of any patent.

Nowadays, anyone with a computer is both producer and Pirate. We are all citizens of the Internet, this is our new nation, the only territory it is justified to defend and protect. Internet is a land of information and knowledge. Everyone should be able to trample without financial consideration; only large companies should pay to use it.

Internet generates "Internets" situations that exist not only online but also in the physical world, determined by what happens on the network. The time has come to establish a Global Movement piracy. Freedom to infringe copyright, the unrestricted access to knowledge and medical treatments, these are our new "commons." These are universal rights, and as such, the authorities did not concede without a fight, but the fight will deliver unique because for the first time, crowds spontaneously break the law on a global scale.

Today, everyone copy: young people, adults, our seniors, voters left and right. Anyone with a computer copy something. Such a new Athena Information springs fully armed from the open skull Technology to help us in our quest.

Pirates of the Internet, unite!


Piracy, Pirates, and Hackers


Milos Manetas' The Piracy Manifesto is simultaneously a call for open access and a call for fomenting new, digitally mediated, modes of relation.


Miltos Manetas






July, 2009




Internet Access, Use, & Big Data


Crypto Anarchy, Hacking, & Digital Communism


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