A Manifesto For The Original Art Form Of Electronic Dance Music Production

A Manifesto For The Original Art Form Of Electronic Dance Music Production.
A Manifesto For The True School.

My Art is the production of music, predominantly music for dancing, using technology.
One of my goals is to encourage inventiveness in a medium that has no boundaries.

What is the “True School”?

True School is respecting the old and embracing the NEW – new melodies, new beats, new sounds, new rhythms, new harmonies, new textures.
True School is Deep Attention.
True School is pushing your Art forward.
True School is being true to yourself which encourages others to be true to themselves.
True School is dancing only when you feel it.
True School is knowing louder is not necessarily better.
True School is knowing bigger is not necessarily better.
True School is respecting your audience.
True School is knowing the roots of the music you’re producing.
True School is knowing that the music and the dance floor is more important than the DJ. This is not a spectator sport.
True School is demanding good sound.
True School is not ripping off the Old School.
True School is not remixing without permission and putting it out into public domain.
True School is not faking it but making it.
True School is not fetishizing the machines or the format. This just distracts from the content.
True School is taking yourself seriously and having fun. If you really feel the music, you feel serious about it and what you feel is pure, unadulterated fun.
True School is not going through the motions with hands-in-the-air fake fuckery.
True School is not being afraid to play original tracks.
True School is not trying to make fast cash out of old hit records or borrowing other people’s names to make yourself known.

I openly discourage throwaway DJ-based music production as it stands today i.e. taking large chunks of other people’s music, illegally or not, looping it, and adding a few beats / percussion / vocals over the top and calling it your own track without crediting the original artist and THEN swearing vinyl is the saviour of music meanwhile they starve the original artist.

One Example. Searchin’ – 33 1/3 Queen vs Blow Your House Down – A Guy Called Gerald
There are many, many more.

It seems to me that the dance music industry, when it comes to inventiveness, is stuck in it’s own loop and the groove is getting very tired.

This Art is being lost to money grabbers and fakers. I welcome comments and discussion.

I welcome you to the True School.

A Guy Called Gerald


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The author of "A Manifesto For The Original Art Form Of Electronic Dance Music Production" develops the concept of the 'True School,' an ethics for electronic music creation. In line with other manifestos concerned with the future of music, "A Manifesto For The Original Art Form Of Electronic Dance Music Production" advocates for a collaborative approach to music production.


A Guy Called Gerald






May 17, 2012




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