October 23, 2003 Blogging manifesto We, the signatories of this blogging manfesto, herewith promise

  • that we will be blogging to the best of our abilities, adhering to the Weblog Ethics as outlined by Rebecca Blood whenever possible; 

  • that the weblog will not contain superficial action;

  • that we will rather shut up and not write anything than write things that we deem common knowledge, banal, inconsequential, boring, too widely blogged or for any other reason not worthy of our attention; 

  • that there will always be original content in our postings, even if we are publishing links or quoting other articles;

  • that we will continue to fling sarcasm, satire and irony at those who deserve it; 

  • that we will write on location, with no sound effects, no artificial lighting, no props and sets other than those already present, and with a computer that is hand-held; 

  • that we will not blog using a computer which is running operating system software by Microsoft Corp.; 

  • that we will never publish the following content on this weblog: 

  • Cat pictures 

  • Dog pictures 

  • Celebrity pictures 

  • The Friday Five Song lyrics 

  • Military secrets 

  • Tomato soup 

  • Eminem Full 

  • frontal nudity 

  • Penis enlargement tips 

  • that we are doing this for the fun of it and only when (and if) we derive fun from it. 

If changes to this manifesto become necessary, an agreement must be reached by the current editorial board and the corrected manifesto be re-published on the weblog. Signed 23/10/2003, H. Prillinger, H. Gislufsson, R. Ellenson


Blogging, Digital Composition


The authors of the "Blogging Manifesto" establish a loose set of ground rules for blogging that resist both over-professionalization and banality. The importance of this manifesto rests on thinking of blogging as a new medium of self expression and respectable form of authorship.


H. Prillinger, H. Gislufsson, & R. Ellenson






October 23, 2003




Digital Composition